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Polish Flag Candle

IMG 4549aWM This handpoured 8 oz Polish Flag Candle with the smell of Crocus would be a perfect gift for someone Polish in your family. Click here to learn more!!!

Are you curious about your Family History and want to know more, but just don't have the ability or time to do the research yourself? Would you like to discover what interesting things might have happened to your Ancestors?

How much do you know about your ancestors? Were they pioneers, entrepreneurs, immigrants looking for a better life or just for religious freedom? What challenges did they face, what was their day-to-day life like? Do you know what motivated them to come to America?

Do you look like your ancestors? What characteristics or traits have you inherited from your ancestors? And what can they teach you about yourself and about your own life patterns and choices?

These are some of the questions that encourage us to gain more knowledge about our ancestors. Are there additional questions that have motivated you to explore your family history?

If you are curious about who your ancestors are and what places and events shaped their lives, then you have come to the right place. Genealogy research can help you learn about your family's unique history, traditions, origins, and how those things led to your life.

Allow The Genealogy Assistant be your guide on a voyage into the past. The Genealogy Assistant offers a number of genealogical and historical research services that can be tailored to meet your needs to can help you in the search for your ancestors. For us the reward is in the journey, whether we are researching your ancestors or our own.

The Genealogy Assistant at the Warner Fall Foliage Festival

dsc04074The Genealogy Assistant will be at the Warner Fall Foliage Festival in Warner, NH October 6-7, 2012. If you are in the area or plan on going to the Festival please stop by and say hello. The booth will be set up at the Upton Chandler House Museum across from the Warner Historical Society.

Stop by and we can talk genealogy or you can buy a book Sto Lat by Ceil Wendt Jenson, to help with Polish research. I can help you pick out some language software by Transparent Language to help you learn another language. Or just watch the slide show of photos from my travels. If they arrive in time I will have some copies of the Polish American Journal to give away until they are gone.

The weather predictions call for some precipitation on both Saturday and Sunday, but as long as there is no downpours I plan to be around. I look forward to meeting you all.

You may find me in my dressed in my Traditional Polish Costume or as Sherlock Holmes.309725 1549994366776 982498059 nDSC04078a

Sherlock's Latest Blog Post

 T he long awaited day has arrived. The series of books that are guides to researching docments in other languages is complete. For awhile now, the translation guide books for Polish, Latin & Russ...

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