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  • Little Poland Festival 2018
1780802 883449465027695 5595360346569347501 n The Little Poland Festival happens Sunday the 29 April 2018 in New Britain, CT. Come on out and get a taste of Poland. Stop by the Polish American Foundation booth and say hello.

Polish Flag Candle

IMG 4549aWM This handpoured 8 oz Polish Flag Candle with the smell of Crocus would be a perfect gift for someone Polish in your family. Click here to learn more!!!

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Off to Wrocław

IMG 0404My transportation while in PolandFirst thing on the agenda for today was picking up my car. I had orginally reserved it to pick up at Krakow airport, but Łukasz made some phone calls and was able to arrange it so we could pick up the car at closer location at the Katowice airport. I have got a new Nissan Note with only 4,000 km on it. Its only me so I don't need anything big, but I found it to be very comfortable. in 2006 there were three of us so we had a bigger car.

We were going to have one last lunch in Dąbrowa Górnicza together before I went to Wrocław. Lukasz went home to get the family together after we got home from getting the car, but a nasty thunderstorm popped up and delayed his arrival. Lots of lightning and high winds lasted for about an hour then stopped as fast as it started. At least it cooled the air off a bit. It was a small relief from the high heat we have been having.

For lunch we had some chicken wraps made with pieces of chicken, oinions & beans with mashed potatoes, red cabbage DSC01351Chicken wraps, mashed potatoes, red cabbage salad, pickles and gravy.salad, pickles and gravy. I have to give a big thank you to Maria for the wonderful meals she prepared while I was visiting! We had all planned to go to Opole to see a castle there, but because of the delay in having lunch, it was decided that we were not going to go to Opole because of how late it was. Opole is on the way to Wrocław but it was getting late and the castles would not be open for very long.

I grabbed my bags and packed up the car. It was sad to say goodbye, but I know I will see them one more time before I leave Poland.

The drive only took 2 hours by the new Autostrada (like our Interstate highway), which did have a toll, but it was worth it to make the travel faster. I arrive at my hotel about 6pm, got settled in and then went to the nearby grocery store to pick up a few supplies. I made contact with family here and let them know that I had arrived. They live very close to the hotel so it DSC01352Wrocław view from my hotel windowDSC01357Greg's prepares a "quick meal"DSC01359The complete work of art! So colorful.
was just a few block walk to meet. Everyone was still out and about running errands and such, so we met later that evening. I met with my cousin Grzegorz and his family Ewalina & Hanna and later our other cousin Adam stopped by. We had a few beers and talked until about 1 in the morning. Gregorz is a chef and he whipped up something quick to eat, but to me it looked and tasted like a work of art! I am can't tell you what all the ingredients are, but it sure tasted GREAT! Next month he will be opening his own place to provide customers with artistic treats.

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