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  • Little Poland Festival 2018
1780802 883449465027695 5595360346569347501 n The Little Poland Festival happens Sunday the 29 April 2018 in New Britain, CT. Come on out and get a taste of Poland. Stop by the Polish American Foundation booth and say hello.

Polish Flag Candle

IMG 4549aWM This handpoured 8 oz Polish Flag Candle with the smell of Crocus would be a perfect gift for someone Polish in your family. Click here to learn more!!!

My Background


My Biography and Background



My name is Tim Firkowski, I have been around since 1963 and I am hoping that you will allow me to bring your family history to life.

I have been doing genealogy research on my family since 2002. My father was born in Poland in 1942, but my grandparents left Poland when he was six months old. Since he came to the USA with his parents and sister, he has always tried to find someone with his same last name in the US during his travels, and was never successful. My interest in Genealogy started by meeting Lukasz Firkowski on ICQ.  He had the same last name as I did and we wanted to know how we were related. Within the first two years of research together Lukasz & I located over 1300 members of our family, by 2006 we had located over 2300.  Thousands of hours were spent in gathering information and “assembling” our family.  It was like the biggest Jigsaw puzzle ever made. Our research was so complete and extensive that the First Firkowski Family Reunion was held in Poland in 2004. At that First Firkowski Family Reunion, family members attending numbered 202 from six countries.  The story of our research efforts have been featured in six newspapers, and on a Polish radio program.

I am a member of the American-Canadian Genealogical Society, and the Polish Genealogical Society of America. I am President and member of the New England Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogist (NEAPG), As a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists(APG), I fully adhere to the Association's "Code of Ethics". I have been a volunteer at a local Family History Center since 2003, so that I could help others with their research.  I am a volunteer in the Poznan Project and a researcher for the Bujewski Worldwide organization.  I get GREAT satisfaction from guiding others in finding their ancestors, as I will do with yours. This has given me a great amount of experience in this field.

It is ironic that genealogy is a research into history, as, in the past, I have not had an interest in history, in general.  But looking back at my life, as I write this background on myself, I remember how much I used to enjoy biographies. During junior high & high school, I was a volunteer in both of the school libraries. As a youth, I also helped organize a library for Woodland Dunes Nature Center in Two Rivers, WI.  My language accomplishments include studying eight years of Spanish, one year of French, learning German while living in West Germany for two years, & at present I am learning some Polish.  I have traveled to a number of different countries and have enjoyed every trip and every country that I have been to & have learned a lot on each trip.

I enjoy the creation of detailed and organized records through methodical information gathering and as an electronic technician; I enjoy the challenge of searching and solving problems.   From early on in life I had an interest in computer programming, which developed into my interest in website design.  My interest in photography has been with me since I was a child.

All of these talents (and many more) have helped me in my research for my family and will help me as I research YOUR family!

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